Check out Workshop No.3!

Please check out our third and final workshop on Sunday morning, June 10th, 9a.m.!
You’re welcome to come by and join, no prior registration is required!

Workshop 3 – The Historical Gaze: Reading Film as History
Room: A125
Time: Sunday, 10th of June, 09:00-11:00
By Brace Bargo
In this workshop, we will view and analyze films as archives of historical, social, and cultural information. Both film theory and historical practices will be discussed and applied to different historical and contemporary films. Together participants will engage in an academic analysis of these cultural texts and work out the benefits and complications of film as a source. The films will primarily deal with Germany and its colonial past, and contain both continuities and breaks in representation, allowing the discussion to follow narrative and cultural strands that perhaps go beyond the period in which the filmic texts were produced.
Brace Bargo is an M.A. student in the Global History program at Freie Universität. He is inspired by the interconnections between representations and identities in film, media, and culture. His primary research focus is the early cinema of Germany, however, the reverberations of these cultural productions reach beyond this limited scope and into many areas including gender and post-colonialism.

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