Conference Over, Journal On!

Thank you all for a terrific conference, all the participants for intriguing discussions and the panelists for their insightful presentations! We really had a wonderful time and would love to meet many of you again in the future!

This is why we want to encourage everyone who has participated in the student conference and co-shaped our practice of global history over the weekend to submit an original research article to our sister project, the ‘Global Histories’ student journal that has just extended the deadline for its current Call for Submissions to July 1st.

Find all the necessary information and the full call for submissions on our website:

We would be really grateful if you spread our call in your academic circles! Feel free to use this pdf of the call for that purpose!

We are looking forward to all your great submissions and will consider them for review in the first two weeks of July so that you will hear back from us before July 15th!


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