After the success of the Global History Student Conference 2015, students of Global History at the Freie Universität and Humboldt-Universität decided to embark on a complementary project of starting an online academic journal.

This first volume of Global Histories: A student journal was conceived as a direct response to the conference in April 2015 as its principal theme. It presented a number of papers delivered by students at the conference in Berlin alongside summaries of its ten panels and a summary of the final discussion exhibiting the talent present and the diversity of overlapping themes which characterised the conference.

Since then, the journal has evolved to become an independent sister project of the student conference. Two more volumes of the journal have been published in October 2016 and April 2017 by a team of students enrolled in the Global History MA program in Berlin. Whereas the 2016 thematic volume explored the topic of migration from a global history perspective, the current volume has returned to the full diversity of the field. The research articles by students from all over the world pursue a wide range of questions in thorough examinations of their sources. All volumes have also included reviews of relevant books in the field written by students of the MA program.

The editorial team currently welcomes submissions of research articles and conference reviews for next volume of the journal that will be published in October. The call for submissions and and further information are available on the journal´s website:


The current volume of our journal can be found here: