Global History Student Conference 2021 Cancellation

Unfortunately, the conference team has made the decision to once again cancel the Global History Student Conference for 2021.

When the conference was founded by a group of students from the first cohorts of our Global History MA, they did so in the spirit of being able to foster connections with fellow global history enthusiasts in a vibrant, student-centered space. The restrictions and regulations in which many of us continue to operate under during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic render these kinds of connections, at least temporarily, unavailable or impossible.

When it is once again safe enough to gather with fellow students from across the world in Berlin to discuss and debate global history together, we will most certainly do so. For the moment, however, we must continue on as we have been for some months, from home office, digital classrooms, and online forms of engagement.

Our student journal, Global histories, remains ongoing. The next call for papers will open around June. You can find more information here:

We’ll meet again someday!

With best regards,

Global History Student Conference Team


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